Melanie Kehoss
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Light Box Tableaux

My work explores influences that form and re-form culture in the United States. I am fascinated by the histories and peculiarities of “American” traditions. My light boxes depict celebrations, rituals, and feasts that continue to evolve from the mingling of our varied ethnic and religious backgrounds. My imagery combines research, personal experience, and observation.

I use the light box format to create the sense of looking into another world. Mirrored film lining the interior creates the impression that the scene continues indefinitely. Colorful patterns that frame the images are inspired by the cultures referenced within the tableaux. Illumination brings the artwork to life, making the scenes literally glow.  

See some of these lightboxes as they were installed for Glow Tableaux at Artisphere.

Dawn of Candy Sweet Drug Of Venice Refined Display Sundae Best

Dawn of Candy


 Sweet Drug of Venice


Refined Display

 Sundae Best


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Brief History of Trash

Mediums to Media

Dressed for Dissent  Do Not Happy Hour 
Dressed for Dissent

Do Not Happy Hour

All Souls  Who Needs Salvation 
All Souls

Who Needs Salvation

The Wake  Last March 
The Wake

Last March

Brief History of the Tomato  Brief History of Coffee  Heroes and Rebels
Brief History of the Tomato 
Brief History of Coffee
 Heroes and Rebels
Leave A Message Thumbnail  Selfie Evolution Jazz Ages 
Leave A Message

Selfie Evolution  

Jazz Ages 

Now We Fish For Fun
Now We Fish For Fun

 Interruptions in Istanbul

Six Men with a Piñata

 The Penultimate


New Tide


How to Embarrass Your Date


Macho Mocha


Is Very Beautiful


God's 'Lil' Army


Color Fight


Nature Day


Fire Jumping


  All artwork Copyright 2019, Melanie Kehoss