Jeweled Traditions

Cut paper, acrylic sheet, aircraft cable
Museum of Contemporary Art-Arlington

Silhouetted scenes depict rituals of local families as remembered and enacted by summer campers at Arlington Arts Center (Now Museum of Contemporary Art Arlington).  The children brainstormed their favorite rituals, sketched them, and used the sketches to direct their classmates in tableaux vivants.   By transforming the photographs of these re-enactments into silhouettes, the specific memories become iconic, suggesting a collective memory.  And like memory, the images are colored, pared-down, and often just out of reach.

Campers: Addie, Ally, Margaret, Riley, Karan, Josephine, Elena, Sophia, Charley, Aisling, Fuyuka, Gus, Kaleb, and Marie, and to my awesome classroom assistant, Augusto.

This program was supported in part by Arlington County through the Arlington Cultural Affairs division of Arlington Economic Development and the Arlington Commission for the Arts.