Through the Kitchen Door

This room-sized lightbox presents six household scenes which tell a history of America’s home kitchens over 230 years. Visitors are invited to peer through screen doors at life-sized, silhouetted figures preparing meals. This interactive, multimedia, immersive lightbox was designed and built for the Torpedo Factory Art Center’s New Project Studio, with support from Alexandria’s Office for the Arts.

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Silhouettes of two women working in an 18th century kichen with a hearth, tools, and vegetable basket



Silhouette of a woman in 19th century kitchen making chille relleno on an iron stove



Sihouette of a woman and child washing and peeling potatoes in a 1920s apartment kitchen



Silhouette of woman stir frying in a 1950s kitchen



Silhouettes of a woman making TV dinners and a man looking into a refrigerator



Silhouettes of a family making Iranian food


Installation Views


Interview with Anne O'Dell  Video Tour


Washington Post:  In Alexandria, two art installations memorialize men and women who lived under exploitation